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Hey all, super happy to give you guys a Q&A on Bloodlines and Bindings!

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FAQ: Bloodlines and Bindings

Q: When will Bloodlines and Bindings be released:

A: It will be released sometime in October 2022, definitely by Halloween. I'll send more information in a future NL and post on Social Media (links at bottom of page).

Q:What are the main plot lines in the new book?

A: The girls discover the prophesied The Final Trial has begun. Maggie has a demon problem to deal with. Armand is visiting Jillian more frequently as her health fails. June Bug uses magick to get what she wants, without Merry's permission. And the reemergence of Miss Sasha's School brings up a lot of forgotten memories--not all of them good.

Q: Is this a stand-alone series?

A: Yes. But reading The Daughters of Dark Root series, The Children of Dark Root series, and the Alchemy of a Witch series, will provide valuable background and clues! (I always recommend starting with The Witches of Dark Root, the first book in The Daughters of Dark Root series)

Q: Is there adult content in the books?

A: There are adult situations. No on-screen sexy-time, but a few sexy romantic encounters before the scene ends. There are also scenes where characters smoke pot and make drug references. And there are occasional curse words, but no F bombs dropped and no attack scenes (as in The Daughters of Dark Root books). This series is suitable for older or mature teen readers up to older or mature adults

Q:Will all my favorite Dark Root characters be there?

A:Maggie and her sisters are the main characters in this book and series. Dora, Jillian, Armand, Sasha, and all the kids also have major plot lines. (Lots of flashback scenes to Dora/Jillian/Armand! Yay!)

Q:How many books will there be?

A: There are at least five planned for this series. Each novel is an episode, meaning there will be open plot lines that build on the next. But there will also be a major story line that ends with each book.

Q: Is this the LAST Dark Root series?

A: I think so--and I will write as many books in this series as it takes to finish it out. I've been working with these characters for so long, and I want to get them to the finish line. Although I am considering writing a series featuring Rex (from The Children of Dark Root and Alchemy of a Witch) but that's on the table for a year, at least.

Q: Why was the preorder cancelled.

A: Basically, I had too much on my plate, and I wanted to make the books longer. I just wasn't able to tell the stories I wanted in shorter installments. So, though the preorder was cancelled, the books will be at least 30% longer.

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