Five Fun Facts About My Writing:

Happy Mother's Day All! I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend. Below are Five Fun Facts About My Writing. 1. I LOVE writing dialogue. If you've read my books, you know they can be dialogue heavy at times. Dialogue gives me a chance to say so much about my characters, in just a few words. It allows me to see both sides of a point of view, and often has me feeling empathy, even for the antagonist. Plus, the exchanges between two characters can feel tangible and electric. I'm never 'in character' more than when I'm writing dialogue.

2. I also enjoy writing ruminations. People are multi-dimensional, and this gives me a chance to convert those layers to my readers. There are hardly any clear right answers for my characters, and I enjoy letting them play it out in their heads.

3. Whenever an unplanned idea pops into my head while I’m writing, I go with it. It’s amazing what the subconscious will conjure up for you, just at the right time. Some of my best chapters were written unexpectedly. And some of my best twists and turns came about spontaneously. If I don’t like it, I can just delete it. But most of the time, those unexpected ideas enrich my story.

4. My cat insists on being with me when I write. He absolutely can't stand to be out of my office when he sees or hears me at the keyboard. He is distracting when he's with me, but he always gets his way. He's way too cute, and way too insistent.

5. I developed my writing 'style' by journaling. In my journals I always try and be as honest with my thoughts and emotions as I can, when I'm telling stories of my day. I took this technique and applied it to fiction writing, especially when I'm in first person (such as the case with Maggie). To me, this makes it feel more authentic and personal. I've also noticed that I use humor in my journals to diffuse difficult situations, just as I do with my characters.

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