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A while ago, I got the honor of interviewing miss Cyn Ley.

She's a fantastic author and we had a fun time doing an interview.

You should check that out below!

Hi April! Thank you for inviting me!

Q1. Tell us a little about you.

A1. I’ve lived in the lower Pacific Northwest nearly all my life and have the webbed toes to prove it. I graduated with a Masters Degree from the University of Portland in History and Political Science, am nationally certified as a college reading and writing tutor and worked in the field for a long while. I am a member of NIWA, the Northwest Independent Writers Association.

Beyond that, special interests include folklore, the tales of “wonders” found in medieval histories, cryptids, spirits, faerie, etc. I think aliens were here long before we were and are still hanging around. I love animals—domestic, wild, and fodder for skeptics-- and hope someday to see a Sasquatch.

I started writing in 2014 when an author friend encouraged me and submitted some stories to her publisher as suggested. They were well received, and well reviewed too. Encouraged, I kept on writing, and eventually started my own tiny imprint of Otherland Press.

Q2. Tell us about your latest book.

A2. THE SOLACE is my most recent, having been published in print and Kindle formats in June 2021. It is a story of misplaced love and of a constant honor, told through characters who cross the realms of the living and spirit. There are no heroes or villains—just people being themselves and doing what they do. Even the most ordinary of lives can bear with it great revelations.

Leah Hampstead is a woman who has been followed all of her life by something she doesn’t understand, an unknown who doesn’t understand why he is so drawn to her. For her, it reads as fear. For him, it is ages of foundering to find the truth and peace.

For readers, as one of my reviewers put it, it is captivating.

And getting 5 star ratings on Amazon.

Q3. Do you believe in the supernatural?

A3. Absolutely. But I don’t think there’s anything “super” about it. It’s just more of Nature—but as some folks either can’t sense it and/or ignore it and/or deny it, the supernatural has gotten a bit of a bad reputation over the millennia. The paradox of spreading fear of something even when you adamantly deny that it exists is lost on certain folks.

Q4. Any experiences you’d like to share?

A4. I’m a bit pre-cognitive and have been spot on with a number of things throughout this life, both big and small. I’ve seen and communicated with spirits—human and animal--much of that time and continue in that vein today. It’s wonderful when a loved one visits, human or four-legged. Hugs and cuddles and butt scritchies abound. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to who gets what!

I always know when they’re there. A very localized piece of space gets cold, and sometimes, depending on who it is, all the fresh batteries in the room are almost instantly drained. There’s a distinct impression of them, as they most recently were. Stroking a beloved spirit dog isn’t the same as stroking the arm of a beloved spirit human. But you know each other as deeply as ever.

Q5. Ever visited a haunted house?

A5. Oh gosh, yes. I’ve set foot in places where the vibe was so strong, I knew for a fact I wasn’t alone and apologized for just barging in like that. I’ve tracked the movement of spirits in spaces using nothing more complicated than an incense trail. Being empathic helps. It’s like they tap on me. I found a murdered teenager on the top shelf of a friend’s closet one time—totally unbeknownst to me, the place had had a reputation for being a drug house before they bought it. The kid was still hiding, trying to escape what he knew would surely come. The floor still had the psychic imprint of blood on it.

Then there was my aunt who was very attuned to the paranormal. She bought a lovely turn of the century Victorian house which had not had the best of treatment over the years, and so set to restoring it to its former glory. As so often happens with renovations, she discovered her house was haunted. More than one work crew fled the property in terror after being screamed at by a very scary old woman in the basement who called them every dirty name in the book and threatened them with bodily harm if they didn’t get out of HER house. NOW. She was serious—the malevolence was palpable. She often moved tools, hiding them or putting them in places where they could cause nasty accidents and sometimes did. The guys were completely freaked out and ran for their lives, often leaving their tools behind. My aunt said that getting some of them back just to retrieve their stuff was frequently an exercise in futility, even when she packed it up and set it by the front gate.

When I came to visit some months later, the old lady was still at it. It turned out that there was one male presence there who kept things down to a dull roar, and he visited me at night, standing in the door frame of the guest room. I saw him as clearly as I can see you and thanked him for looking in on me. His was a kind and gentle soul. I knew I was safe in that house because he was making sure of it. I could still hear her yell once in a while but wasn’t worried. Eventually the house was calmed down through various means, and it became the exquisite place in which it had started life.

Q6. Ever been on a ghost hunt?

A6. Not in any formal sense of the word. Not with a team or equipment. I think it would be very interesting though.

Q7. Do you write supernatural or paranormal stories? Do you have a favorite kind of paranormal story?

A8. Absolutely. I detest clichés. I like being unpredictable, taking readers down pathways which were always there but never noticed. I want them to experience my stories in a way that runs deep, to have a more cerebral and emotional experience rather than through shrieking bloodbaths and random orphaned body parts. That’s the kind of paranormal story I like to read too.

I released an anthology of short stories in 2019 which has what I consider my very best short stories from prior publications, as well as some which were originally published on Kindle only. BENT DIMENSIONS features tales of ghosts, aliens, creatures of the night, and an odd demon or two. Some of the stories are dark in tone and will scare your socks off, but many are quite funny.

Conversely, THE SOLACE is a serious tale of searching for personal truth across the realms of the living and spirit.


An hour later, everyone was sketching away when Rose let out a startled gasp. “What on earth is that?”

Leah put her pencil down and went to Rose who was standing at the window, looking for something off. Jenn stopped in the middle of a sentence and joined them. The rest of the class followed. Eleven nervous faces looking for signs.

What they saw made no sense. The rain had stopped some time ago and now there was a fog, a thick earthbound fog a few feet in height, out in the parking lot. The weather was not conducive to fog that night, and this was severely localized, limited to just a few feet in any given direction. It might have been crouching, it was so low on the ground. No, this was not natural. It was too contained. Fog was a creature of whims and air currents, playing benign games of hide and seek. This fog was none of those things. The night was calm, before. Now…

It seemed to see the building, the room lights. With purpose, it grew tall.

Rose squeaked.

From: THE SOLACE by Cyn Ley, copyright 2021.

Final Question: How can we find you and your books?

Final Answer: Look for me on amazon.com. My titles are available both in print and Kindle formats.

If you’d like to chat with me in person, I can be found on Facebook under “Author Cyn Ley: Otherland & Beyond.” I’d love to hear from you!

Blessed Be!

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Just put up a fun holiday cozy short with a Dark Root twist.

Mayhem and mystery ensue when Ruth Anne discovers a pumpkin that won't stop growing.

(Was from last year's multi-author anthology Pumpkins and Potions)

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The final book in the Alchemy of a Witch series released today.

Alchemy of a Witch: Part Four: Distillation and Coagulation (A Dark Root Ancestry Book 4)

After witnessing Alistair's hanging, Morgan flees Orshire in the wagon of a local hedge witch. In payment, Morgan agrees to become her apparentice while she waits for word from Jon.

But Jaffrey now has his fabled ring, and an army of dark servants. If they don't draw Morgan out of hiding, perhaps the threat of a witch-burning on Samhain will?

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